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CD Immobilier offers you some advice to optimize the sale of your property in Marrakech:

The goal, to facilitate a sale, is to make your property as neutral and orderly as possible: make the beds, tidy the curtains, tidy the cupboards and dressing rooms that will be opened by visitors and children's toys.

Before a visit, you should also avoid cooking too fragrant dishes and check that the kitchen is tidy.

If the time between making an appointment and the visit allows it, it is preferable to carry out the necessary work to present an impeccable property. Otherwise, avoid covering up leaks or broken tiles.

Your garden must be tidy: the lawn mowed, the trees cut, the swimming pool cleaned. Also remember to have your chimney swept because these are accumulations of details that will make future buyers buy your property, rather than an identical but neglected property.

If your property has been on sale for a while, it is probably above the current market price for real estate in Marrakech. CD Immobilier therefore advises you to adjust your price, in order to have all the chances of selling and to attract future buyers.

Finally, gather all the papers: land title, residence permit, classification for guest houses, discharge from trustee and tax, etc., this will reassure future buyers and will save time to finalize the sale.

Hope these tips will help you in your sales project!